Are you breaking your head and are not able to find out the right way forward when it comes to choosing the right health and safety management software? If yes, you are perhaps not alone. As governments become stricter about health and safety standards at the workplace, factories and other such places, there is a need to put in place the best possible safety incident software and other related systems. However, the problem is that not many of us have the right information and knowledge about the same. Hence, before spending money in installing such software, you must do your homework properly and have a clear idea what to expect from the end product. Though the needs and requirements could vary, some standard requirements do not change. We thought it would be a good idea to list down a few points that should be carefully considered before spending money, time and effort in installing such software. You must be aware of the fact that apart from money, there is a need to train the workers and this also means they may have to stay away for their work for certain periods. Hence, if you know the things to look for when installing safety software systems, the chances of errors will get reduced quite significantly.


It Should Record Details of Each Incident

In a workplace, some incidents might look small and insignificant. However, we need to bear in mind that each incident is unique and it does have some information and knowledge to offer. Therefore, any good incident tracking system must take into account all variables that might have taken placed in an accident or illness. The software should be able to capture pertinent information and details regarding the place of the incident, the exact time the incident took place, apart from being able to give information about the admins and employees who were involved then. Was any company policies violated or did the incident cause any injuries to the employees or others. Were any hazards of dangers not taken into account? These are a few things that it must be able to capture.


Can Reporting Be Customized?

Each of these software solutions come with standard or default reporting forms. While they are required and are valuable, you must be aware of various industry-specific incidents. These unique incidents should also be captured in some reporting format and should be done on a real-time basis. This can be possible only if the software is flexible and allows customization of reporting format as and when necessary. While manual documentation is a solution, any manual intervention should be avoided or should be kept as low as possible. Such reporting formats are extremely useful and could help identify possible sources of injuries, behaviors at places of works and other such information. These could help in bringing down future incidents quite significantly.


It Should Have Robust Search Functions

The data that is collected by such software solutions must be used positively and proactively. You must be able to search through a maze of information and extract the data that is required for various situations. There is no point in having information that is available in disorganized and un-indexed formats. Whether it is to generate spreadsheets or for generating multiple reports, the software should have a robust search function.