Looking for a good and sturdy countertop for your kitchen? You should opt for quartz countertops. Quartz surfaces are made of ground quartz with the resin used to bind it. This material is antimicrobial and non-porous making it resistant to bacterial growth, odors, and stains.

Quartz can be cut into tiles or placed as a slab. The only limitation there is you cannot use it for outdoor projects because it will fade by the intense Sunlight, and it will not withstand the exposure to the outdoor environment. If you want to use a quartz countertop outside, look for a product that has extended warranties. However, if you are looking for good quartz countertops in Phoenix then take a look at the points below.

Select patterns, colors, and textures

Manufacturers of stone slabs have advanced the creation of quartz countertops in Phoenix AZ. They have made different colors, patterns, and textures. You can choose Cambria quartz, Caesarstone, and other different types for your kitchen. The best thing will be to ask the seller about the types they have in the collection. The seller will be happy to show you the collection and then you can choose the one that suits your preferences.

The right thickness

When you are selecting quartz worktops, it’s important to know about their thickness. The thickness is required when you apply it to your kitchen or any other place in the home. The standard measurement for this is 1¼-inch. This size is recommended by experts when you are choosing quartz countertops for your bathroom granite phoenix, and kitchen. Other than this, quartz comes in the thicknesses of 1½-inch, ¾-inch, and ½-inch. If you have selected Cambria, it will come with a one-centimeter thickness and you can use it for layered edges of the worktop.

Select the edging

The edging is very important when you are choosing quartz for your kitchen. You will get different options like bullnose, beveled, ogee, and pencil edges. You can also opt for laminated edges for the quartz slab. The laminated one will bring a unique style to your kitchen, and it will add an aesthetic value too. Once you have selected the edges you will get the same from a reputed store.

Look for the price 

Quartz countertops in Phoenix AZ aren’t pricey, and you can get them at an affordable rate from a reputed store. However, you can always compare the price with others. This way you can get the best deal. However, based on the patterns, thickness, edging, color, and texture the price might be different with various sellers. Thus, you need to research a bit. After your research, you will find the seller, and the price will be within your budget. You can also ask your colleagues, friends or family members for a reputed shop near you. They will be happy to help you.

Arrange appliances and plumbing tools beforehand

You need some appliances to fix on the quartz countertops, and for that, you need the plumbing fixtures and appliances ready with you. If you need a cooktop, it’s best to get the cutout before the installation starts.


While choosing the best quartz countertops you also have to measure the holes and then check the dimensions before you get the quartz in your kitchen. Make sure to buy the same from a reputed seller always.

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