Over the years, the media has played an extensive role in making the world a small place to live in through their unique ways of delivering information from one place to other. We as a user take advantage of different forms of media starting from printed pieces such as newspapers to digit modes such as television or radio.

But our article is not just about the media. This is about another phenomenon regarding media that is relatively unknown to many. The things that we are going to discuss here are media buying and planning. So, let’s start the discussion without any further ado.

What is a media buying agency

We are sure that you have definitely watched commercials for different products whenever you sat to watch your favorite game or sitcom. Those commercials are screened on television with the help of media buying.

Now coming to the definition, media buying is the method by which the purchasing of ad space and time on digital spaces such as television, social media, and radio is done. Even a considerable scale of negotiations regarding the budget, campaigning strategy, and ad inventory also take place between the publisher and the media buyer.

Media buying can be done in two ways.

Direct Buy: In the direct buy process, the media buying agency puts themselves into a relationship with the publisher in order to gain some upper hand over negotiations in different matters such as campaigning style or budget. Programmatic Buy: In this procedure, the buying system is mostly completed through automatic means.

What is media planning? 

In simple terms, media planning is nothing but focused planning on the strategy to execute the campaign of a designed product or service.

In the media planning phase, the first preference is given to the choice of the media that the product or the service will be showcased. A systematic planning and correct choice of effective media also help you to get good returns and good reach. Media planning is not only for advertising but can also help in improving the brand value of the company. The media buying is done right after the media planning.

Things that are mostly looked at in media buying

Media buying is not an easy job as it takes a lot of hard work in setting up the negotiations with the publisher. Here are a few things that are looked at during media buying.

Strategy: Building a proper strategy right from the front prior to media buying is really important. You should be knowing the motive of your campaign and how to execute it right from beginning to end.

Proper audience targeting

The next big thing that is severely looked at in media buying is audience targeting. You should be absolutely sure about the targeted audience that you want your campaign to be directed towards.

Full track of results and optimization

Keeping track of your campaign results or feedback helps you to get a clearer picture of the market demands and allows you to do media buying better in the future.


This article showcases the definition of a media planning buying agency.

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